2016 Report to the Community

February 2017

Dear Community Members,

During the last three years, the Montour Falls Library has changed from a quiet repository of written material and artifacts into a busy community center. As the role of libraries worldwide has developed into a place for cultural events and a source of information in a variety of media, the Montour Falls Library has been able to follow suit. This has been accomplished by focusing on the needs expressed by our community members. Through your support, we were able to secure sustainable funding in order to meet your needs. At the same time, state aid, donations, grants, and fundraisers have been vital sources of funding. We want to thank all of our partners in the effort to make your library and community grow and improve.


Roxanne Leyes, Library Director

State of the Library

3 weekly children’s story times for all ages
Music, dance, and science events for children
Baby Café with a lactation consultant
Summer story time in the park
Energy, health, and social events for the whole family
Three computers for public use
A scanner, color printer, and color photocopier
Dark Fiber, the latest in high-speed internet
Free wireless internet access
Free New York Times online
6 monthly book clubs for all ages and interests
Daily book sale
Big spring and fall book sales
Monthly musical concerts
Yoga twice a week
Weekly Upcycle Society
Weekly Handcrafters Circle
Monthly Storytelling Circle
Monthly Essential Oils workshop
Monthly local author events
Annual raffle of locally donated gift baskets
Bus trips to Philadelphia, NYC, and more
Growing graphic novels and comics sections
Constantly expanded collections
Thousands of books, audiobooks and DVDs for all ages and interests
Nature walks and history walks in season
History lectures and classes
Free seed library
Summer farmers market
Off-site space for larger events
Dedicated, friendly staff
Full access to 48 libraries in 5 counties

New ideas always welcome

Positive Changes

Over the last several years, the library has grown. We now have a dedicated children’s room; our teen section has recently tripled in size; and we have 4050 events every month. We are now open for 44 hours each week, and we have one full-time and 5 part-time staff members with different backgrounds and specialties, ready to help you. Our website has grown and continues to improve, and we keep abreast of new technology and current publications, to provide you with the best library experience possible. We are here to meet the needs of the entire community.

Your Library

The Montour Falls Library creates an environment that nurtures intellectual freedoms, encourages lifelong learning, offers open access to resources, supports new technologies, respects cultural diversity, and embraces the future.

To provide our community with the opportunity to explore the present, the past, and the future through all forms of communication.

Board of Trustees Maija DeRoche, President
Philip Archer, Vice President
Marian Saks, Treasurer
Cindy Emerson, Secretary
Gary Emerson, Historian
Heidi Berghoff
Vincent Chicone
Jeremy Crawford
Fred Sibley

Library Staff
Roxanne Leyes, Library Director
Daniel Butler, Office Manager
Sarah Kurcoba, Children’s Librarian
Rebecca Cerne, Children’s Library Assistant
Karin Thomas, Programming Services Specialist
Karen Crout, Library Clerk

“I think the health of our civilization, the depth of our awareness about the underpinnings of our culture, and our concern for the future can all be tested by how well we support our libraries.” —Carl Sagan


2016 Library Funding
Taxes/Library Service Aid: $42,739
Fines and fees: $737.42
Donations: $13,843.58
Grants: $5009.98
Savings: $20,786.99
TOTAL: $83,117.00

2016 Library Expenses
Personnel: $46,033.03
Insurance: $4,183.54
Operations: $9,772.38
Utilities: $5,267.78
Book/Media Purchases: $15,116.56
TOTAL: $80,373.29

Thank You

We depend on community donations to keep the library running. Every bit counts, from money donated by individuals to goods and services donated by local businesses to time donated alphabetizing books and setting up the book sale. When you come to a concert, go on a bus trip, make copies, pay fines, buy a book from the cart, or write a check, you help your library continue to be the community center that we all need. We couldn’t do it without every single one of you.
Thank you.

Library Staff
The members of our community come from all different backgrounds and have many different interests and abilities. So do our staff members. When you come into the library looking for a book on a particular subject, or if you have a question about a specific topic, we can help. We all have many decades of experience in a wide variety of fields, and it is our job to provide you with all of the support and assistance that you need. We all have different skills, interests, and ideas, and together we are a library. Let us know what you need; if we don’t have an answer, we will find one for you.

Children’s Library

2016 Children’s Library Funding
Grants: $2,000
Fundraising: $2,015
Blowers Family Contribution: $7,500
Matching Blowers Funds: $5,000
TOTAL: $16,515

2016 Children’s Library Expenses
Personnel: $10,905.33
Printing and Supplies: $537.34
Programs: $1,095.80
Book Purchases: $2,039.74
TOTAL: $14,578.21

Thank You
The Rouletta Blowers Gasparian Early Literacy Program is funded in large part by generous donations from M. Suzanne Blowers and Carl H. Blowers, who also provide necessary fundraising matching funds. We have a strong, growing children’s program, and we couldn’t do it without the Blowers family.

Roxanne Leyes, Library Director,
winner of
2016 Cornell Cooperative Extension Friend of Extension Award
for Educational Support

2015 STLS Innovative Library Director Award
2012 STLS Grass Roots Award for Outreach

Roxanne has turned a sleepy library into a lively, friendly place with programs for all ages and interests. John P. King, Mayor of the Village of Montour Falls, writes of a committed, determined public library director with the vision to make the community the heart of all that happens in her library. “Roxanne’s creativity and endless energy have transformed the Montour Falls Library from ordinary to extraordinary. She is definitely a library director extraordinaire.”