February 2017

Minutes of Trustees Meeting
February 28, 2017

Trustees Present:  Maija DeRoche, Gary Emerson, Marian Saks, Heidi Berghoff, Cindy Emerson, Fred Sibley and Jeremy Crawford.  Library Director, Roxanne Leyes also attended

Trustees Absent: Phil Archer, Vince Chicone

Guest:  Elaine Dalrymple

The meeting was called to order by President DeRoche who opened the meeting at 6:01 PM.  Determining that there was a quorum, and no additions to the agenda, the meeting proceeded.

Minutes from January 31, 2017 submitted by Cindy Emerson were reviewed.  It was noted that Elaine’s last name was spelled incorrectly and the correct spelling is Dalrymple.  The minutes were received, with the correction, and filed.

Treasurer’s report for January 2017, submitted by Marian Saks, was reviewed.  It was reported that there is a balance of $202,968.94 in the total Checking/Savings account as of 1/31/17.  This report was discussed and filed.

Committee Reports;

Finance Committee; did not meet, however Marian said she would give Heidi and Vince the spread sheets to review for the internal audit.  The next policy meeting with be 3/14, so Heidi will review then.

Personnel/Nomination/Policies Committee met on 2/21/17 and made some decisions.  All of the policies need to be reviewed and dated.  Daniel will keep and maintain the manual.  This committee will review 1 or 2 policies at a time and then the Board will discuss and approve.  The policies were divided up between Roxanne, Heidi, Jeremy and Gary.  The next meeting will be at 3/14 at 6 PM.

Building and Grounds – 2 bids were received for the windows project.  Elaine was excused and we went into Executive Session.  The board members present felt that there was enough money in the budget to support the project. We went out of Executive Session and Fred made a motion to approve the bid from David Burke which was seconded by Jeremy.

Board Actions

Acceptance of Bid for the Window Project
Fred made the motion to approve, seconded by Jeremy.  All were in agreement and the bid proposal was approved.

Appointment of Elaine Dalrymple to the Position of Trustee
The Board went back into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing the approval of Elaine as a new board member.  We went out of Executive Session at 6:19 PM.  Cindy made a motion to approve, Gary seconded and all were in favor.  The motion passed.  Welcome to Elaine!

Approval of Disposal of Old Electronics
Roxanne informed the board that there is a lot of old electronics being stored in the cellar which are taking up a lot of valuable space.  She feels that this all could be removed and recycled by The Town of Montour.  Marian made a motion to approve the disposal and recycling of these old electronics, seconded by Heidi.  All were in approval and the motion was carried.

Board Information

Old Business – it as discussed that the Emergency Exit Sign issue was grandfathered in and therefore will be removed from the agenda in the future.

Library Director’s Report; Roxanne reviewed the existing programs, including the early literacy program, ongoing children’s programming, projects and activities and reported that all is going well.  Thanks to Daniel for putting the Report to the Community together.  He is also working on the Annual Report for the state.  The circulation statistics for January 2017 increased which made everyone happy.  Roxanne also noted that Gary is working on a Historic Brochure in conjunction with the Schuyler County Historical Society.

President’s Report; Maija reported that the upstairs space in the Village Hall will not be available to the library since the Village rejected our proposal.  Unfortunately, the Parish House proposal was also not approved by the Dioceses of the Episcopal Church.  We desperately need more space as the activities and programs are expanding beyond the walls of the library.  Other potential spaces were discussed.

Public Expression; None.

Adjournment; Gary moved that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Jeremy and all in favor.  Meeting adjourned at 6:45 PM.

Next Meeting; March 28, 2017 at 6:00 PM


Corrected minutes respectively submitted,

Cindy Emerson, 4/23/17