Summer Learning Program


The Montour Falls Library will be hosting a 6-week Summer Learning Program titled “Our Universe.” Each week the students can visit the library for a different space-related activity and a chance to win prizes.

Students do not need to attend the weekly events to participate in the program. All you need is a copy of our Reading Log to track both the minutes you’ve read and the total amount of books. Stop in once a week to let us know how you’re doing so we can update our star chart! If students plan on attending the Friday programs they need to let the library know in advance.

**WEEKLY PRIZES** may include books, audiobooks, movies, craft and science kits, sports gear, puzzles, and more! Stay tuned to find out what our grand prize will be.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer at any of these events, please call the library at (607) 535-7489 or contact Kelly Povero via email: