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The Montour Falls Library has been a centerpiece of the community since its foundation in 1872 when the members of a Literary Society hosted a performance at neighboring Langley Hall to purchase a collection for a library. The library had 630 books to start, but as it grew in size the library operated out of Langley Hall. Over time, support for the library fluctuated, and its location changed several times.

In 1892, the Village Improvement Society was formed and one of its missions was to formalize the library. More books were purchased and a location for the library was established in a building known as the Raymond Building at the corner of Main and Owego Streets. A provisional charter for the library was granted by the Regents of the State University, and a permanent charter was awarded in 1901.

Today, the Montour Falls Library continues to serve Schuyler County and surrounding counties with the same community focused spirit. Our fee-free programs and services offer community members, visitors, and history enthusiasts the opportunity to participate in an active children’s program, access local history and interests, and engage in educational programs, lectures, and events.

Book Sale: July 8 11 am- 6 pm and July 9 10 am -3 pm

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Montour Falls Library Welcomes New Director

The Montour Falls Library has been a centerpiece of the community since its foundation in 1872 when the local Literary Society began to fundraise for the establishment of the library and book collection.

Today, the Montour Falls Library continues to serve the residents of Schuyler and its surrounding counties with the same community focused spirit.

Emily Smith accepted the position of Library Director last month after a more than a decade working in the public health field. A long-time resident of Schuyler County, Smith joins the Montour Falls Library with a breadth of knowledge and passion for serving the community. Most recently, Smith was involved with the NYS COVID-19 Contact Tracing Initiative in a leadership role, onboarding new contact tracers and providing linkage to care for the folks most impacted by the pandemic.

After nearly two years with the initiative, Smith decided to shift gears and look for a career opportunity that offered something different.

“My oldest teenager came to me with the job posting, urging me to apply. She said, you love libraries and its so close to home. I read over the job description and put in my application the same day”, Smith explained. “Libraries are amazing institutions. They offer access to resources and materials; they inspire learning and curiosity; libraries provide free programs and services; and they are a safe space for our underserved and most vulnerable neighbors”.

As a life-long library user, Smith knows first-hand how important libraries can be to patrons. Now more than ever, communities are calling on libraries to provide physical space for gatherings as well as assistance with the tech advances brought on by the pandemic.

“The pandemic changed us. It changed how we communicate, how we show community, how we access the things we enjoy. Some changes are positive, we now have systems in place that allow for greater access to things outside of our geographical locations. But I think there is still that need for social gathering and human connection. We look forward to bringing a hybrid approach to what we do including a new host of book clubs, adult and youth programs, music, arts, and cultural learning.

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In coordination with the New York State Schools Mask Mandate, Schuyler County Libraries and school districts, we no longer require masks. Masks and hand sanitizer are available inside. If you are experiencing any COVID-19/cold/flu symptoms we do still require that you wear a mask. Please refer to the CDC for a full list of symptoms.

If our community has an increase in positive COVID-19 cases, a mask mandate may be put into effect. Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we continue to support a healthy environment for our community and staff. The library has a limited supply of N-95 Masks and COVID-19 Antigen Tests available to the public on a first-come, first-served basis.

History Walks

Schuyler County Historian Gary Emerson offers guided walks through historic Montour Falls. A history of the library starts at 10am the continues through the village and down the Catherine Valley Trail. Call the library or check Facebook if there is inclement weather. This program is free and open to the public.

Current Programs

Dungeons & Dragons Game Day! Every other Saturday at 10am starting March 26. Registration required. Geared toward ages 15+ Join our Discord!

Storytime and play in the park, at Havana Glen. Tuesdays and Fridays at 10 am.

We want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to get seeds, so we ask that you please limit to 5 packets per household. Check out our gardening books, too!
Thank you to Ithaca Agway, High Mowing Organic Seeds, Park Seed Company, Fedco Seeds, The Good Seed Company, Territorial Seed Company, Southern Exposure Seed Company and more for supporting this service. Happy planting!

Come play Magic the Gathering! Starting Monday, March 21 at 4pm and then every other Monday. It is $10 per person for the Draft and you can keep your cards after. Please call or email to register (607) 535-7489 casey@montourfallslibrary.org
Join our discord! https://discord.gg/Pnep2Gzt7j

No Wi-Fi? No problem! Schuyler County residents 18+ can access the internet by borrowing one of our Wireless Hotspots. Borrowers must read, understand, and sign the Hotspot Lending Agreement. Thank you to the Watkins Glen – Montour Falls Rotary Club for their support in funding our Wireless Hotspots!

Long sleeve shirts featuring our Lamp of Learning logo are available in black or dark green for $15 each. A smaller lamp of learning image and the library’s contact information are printed on the back. Thank you to Rainbow Lettering for these great shirts!